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Placement Opportunities in VFX

In this program, students or participants are offered structured and well-planned placement opportunities based on their specialization in various creative disciplines. These disciplines include VFX, which deals with adding stunning visual effects to films, videos, and other media; 3D Animation, which focuses on creating lifelike and dynamic animations in three-dimensional space; Web & Graphic Design, which involves crafting visually appealing and functional designs for websites and digital platforms; and Gaming, which revolves around the development and design of interactive video games.


Placement Opportunities in 3D Animation

The organized placement program is likely to be set up by an educational institution or a training center that offers courses in these creative fields. It aims to connect students or aspiring professionals with relevant industry opportunities, internships, or job placements, ensuring that they can apply the skills and knowledge acquired during their courses in real-world settings.


Placement Opportunities in Web & Graphic Design

By providing a structured placement process, this program helps bridge the gap between education and professional experience, giving participants a chance to enter the workforce with confidence and competence in their respective areas of expertise. It also serves as a valuable resource for employers seeking talented individuals with specialized skills in VFX, 3D Animation, Web & Graphic Design, and Gaming.


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Commitment to Excellence

MAAC Agra is known for its commitment to excellence in creative education, providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the industry. With a strong focus on practical training and industry-relevant curriculum, MAAC ensures that students are well-prepared for their careers.


Cutting-Edge Technology

MAAC Agra is committed to helping you build a successful career. We offer excellent placement opportunities that align with your skills and aspirations.We pride ourselves on our high placement rate, which reflects our dedication to your professional growth and success.


Collaborative Learning Environment

At MAAC, Your journey with us doesn't end with graduation; it begins with a fulfilling career. We connect our graduates with top employers in their fields.We understand that a great education is only as valuable as the opportunities it leads to."


Industry Connections

MAAC Agra has a strong network of industry connections and collaborations, offering students valuable opportunities to interact with professionals and gain real-world insights. Through workshops, guest lectures, and industry visits, students can expand their knowledge and build a strong professional network.



"MAAC's placement program has been a game-changer for me. Through their connections and guidance, I was able to secure an internship at a top VFX studio. The hands-on experience I gained during the placement was invaluable and helped me kickstart my career in the industry. I highly recommend MAAC's placement program to anyone looking to make their mark in the creative field."